Studio Lighting I - 1hr - $100

  1. Introduction to studio lighting
  2. Strobe vs Continous (Hot Lights)
    • Monolights
    • Pack Lights
    • Tungsten
    • Halogen
    • HMI
  3. Modifiers
    • Grids
    • Soft Boxes
    • Reflectors
    • Snoot
    • Gobos

Studio Lighting II - 1hr - $175 (Includes Model)

  1. Basic studio lighting with strobes
  2. One light method
    • Various Modifiers
    • Controlling shadows
    • Style and Storytelling
    • Basic posing

Studio Lighting III - 1hr - $175 (Includes Model)

  1. One light method review
  2. Two light basics (strobe)
    • Various Modifier
    • Controlling shadows
    • Creating Highlights
    • Style and Storytelling
  3. Posing the model-Repoire building
  4. Multi Light Sets (strobe)
    • Overview
    • Set lighting vs Modeling lighting
    • Gels
    • Hair Light
    • Rim Light


Studio Shoot - 1hr - $175 (Includes Model)

I will lead you in learning posing, lighting, communication and direction, I will help you design images with creativity and focus to enable you to grow and improve your photographic ability in all areas. We will cover how to market yourself to potential models, communicate to the models to obtain maximum impact and use of your time.

This shoot will allow you the opportunity to start building a portfolio.

A few topics we will cover

Matching your lighting to your subject matter

Use of different studio lighting setups

Controlling the main light with modifiers

Balancing rim and hair lighting to your main

Use of a variety of reflectors for fill

Protocols and ethics in communicating and posing the models

The difference between Art and Glamour Nude





All skill levels are welcome.

Minimum Requirements

Film or Digital SLR required,

You must be willing to plug into the standard studio sync cord.